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Appeal: Release The Baloch Human Rights Activist Mr Ehsan Arjomndi

Mr Ehsan Arjomandi a Baloch human rights activist and a citizen of Norway, was arrested on 7th August 2009 near Karachi in Pakistan. The bus carrying Mr Arjomandi was stopped by unknown people and he was removed from the bus and was transferred to a pick-up without plate number. This method of arrest in day light and in public places is characteristic of Pakistani Intelligence Service known as ISI.

The Baloch activists who have been arrested in this way have been tortured, killed or have been kept in prison for long time in unknown locations without access for visit from their families or friends.

Mr Arjomandi is a Baloch from western Balochistan, Iran, and has been living in Norway and has Norwegian citizenship.

Pakistani and Iranian governments have extradition treaties that allow them to exchange prisoners. These treaties have been used by both countries in the last decades to exchange Baloch political opponents across borders of the two countries.

The Iranian and Pakistani Governments have in fact increased their mutual cooperation to extradite Baloch political and human rights activists due to intensified activities of Baloch people for self-determination and sovereignty in both countries.

We are concerned for the life and safety of Mr Ehsan Arjomandi and fear that like the Iranian regime, the ISI will use harsh tortures to obtain fabricated confessions and incorrect information.

The Balochistan Peoples Party (BPP), asks the international community and especially Norway to put pressure on the Pakistani government to release Mr Ehsan Arjomanid as soon as possible. We also request the Norwegian government to take immediate actions in order to defend the rights of its citizen Mr Arjomandi and protect him from jail, torture and forced confessions. Furthermore, the illegal arrest and restrictions imposed by Pakistani and Iranian governments on foreign nationals should be condemned. We look forward to seeing the appropriate actions in this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Nasser Baolaidai

Spokesperson of Balochistan Peoples Party

Copy to:

-                        Foreign minister of Norway

-                        Incharge of the EU’s foreign affairs

-                        United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

-                        Amnesty International

-                        Human Rights Watch

-                        International Red Cross, Pakistan

-                        Baloch Human Rights Council

-                        Amnesty International, Pakistan

-                        Human Rights Commission of Pakistan

-                        NGOs