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‘zulfiqar Magsi’ Not Satisfied With Balochistan Situation

Quetta—Governor Balochistan Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi has expressed dissatisfaction over the prevailing law and order in Balochistan and said “I have nothing with any miscreants, fighting for the province’s rights”.

He said an in interview, on the one side the federal government announces fund for the province on the basis of population but on the other hand increase in population is banned, which is clear contradiction.

He demanded of the government to give fund to the province on the basis of population so that it could resolve its problems. The Governor said all funds, including NFC are given to the province on the basis of population but the population has been spread at far flung areas, had various issues and the federal government should give funds, including NFC on population basis or allow us to increase population.

Magsi said dearness is not the issue of Balochistan but the whole country and poor and rich both are worried how to meet their basic needs. “How a man will make budget in salary of 7000/- per month”, he questioned.

“Being a governor of the province I could not provide employment to the people and end price hike and I am responsible for it”, he claimed.—NNI