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West Balochistan: A Relentless Struggle Short Of Support

Nasser Bolaidi, the President of UNPO said " Their organizations is very much concerned about the enforced disappearances irrespective of who they are. But unfortunately, the issue of enforced disappearance is very alarming in Balochistan.


West Balochistan: A Relentless Struggle Short of Support


On 17 September 2015, the Baloch Voice Association convened a conference in Geneva on the predicament of Baloch community and their oppression under both the Iranian and Pakistani Governments. Expressing deep concern for the present situation of the community, Mr Nasser Boladai, UNPO President, emphasised in his speech the right of every human being to express their own culture, identity and language.


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UN must fullfill it's Obligations to secure the lives of Baloch Missing Persons. speakers urged

Geneva (Bolan Times): On 18th September Friday, a parallel event to the United Nations Human Rights 30th Council Session was organized in Room No. XXIV, at Palaise Des Nations Geneva.
The title of the Conference was "Soules in Trauma - Victimes of Aggression - Baloch Missing Persons".
The Conference started at 11:30 Hrs and was having two Session.
M. DIANKO Lamine, The president of ACI. presided the conference and thanked the speakers for their contributions, participants for their presence and support.
First Session: The Baloch Origines, History, Language, Culture and Litrature.
The guest speakers of the first session were Professor Carina Jahani and Professor Sabir Badal Khan.
Professor Carina Jahani, whom is serving as a linguist professor in Upsaala University, Sweden. She has published Books and papers about the Balochi languge and about the Baloch people. Her current publication is "The Baloch and Others".
"Due to the constraints to learn, to read, to make research, and to write Balochi, today the Balochi language finds itself at Cross Roads. One of the Basic step is it's official recognition by the Pakistani state is highly needed. Despite of several attempts for allowing Balochi Language publications, cultural activities and research and promotion activities still Balochi language is not taught as officiall subject in Primary schools in Pakistan." Carina Jahani briefed about the problems of Balochi language.
"Mother tongue education is considered as a fundamental right for every human being for it's mental growth and diversity therefore Pakistan shall make provisions for the provinces to allow Baloch people to get education in their mother tongue. The situation of Balochi language is worse on the Iranian side due to the limitations imposed by the Iranian Government." Professor Jahani urged.IMG_3068
Professor Sabir Badal Khan who has served as pro vice Chancellor at Balochistan University Queeta and is currently serving as linguist frofessor and researcher in Nipples University Italy. Prof. Sabir has written Books and research papers particularly about the Balochi Language and Baloch people history.
The earlier day on 17th Sept. 2015, Profesor Badal Khan gave a very detailed lecture about the origins of the Baloch People and Baloch history, at a get togather conference in Warwick Hotel, Geneva.
In the side event in Palais des Nations Professor Badal Khan presented research data and statistic analysis about the Baloch people Demography and the concerns of the Baloch people towards the state policy of converting them into minority.
"Pakistan and Iran none of them as a strategic policy take census on the basic on ethnicity and of origines, therefore the Baloch people living in other provinces and regions are not counted as Baloch people. Where as fake identity cards were issued to the immigrants in Balochistan to turn the Baloch in miority." Prof. Sabir Badal Khan described the Baloch people demographic issues.

Second Session: Soules in Trauma - Victimes of Aggression - Balochistan

Nasser Bolaidi, the President of UNPO said " Their organizations is very much concerned about the enforced disappearances irrespective of who they are. But unfortunately, the issue of enforced disappearance is very alarming in Balochistan. Despite of several requests and appeals the Pakistani government has not taken any concrete steps to know the whereabouts and for the safe release of Baloch missing persons. And accordingly the status of human rights of the Baloch people in Iranian side is also worse. The Iranian regime through state policies has encircled Baloch people as they feel they are living in a prison and every body is waiting for his turn to be executed for any reason."IMG_3097
Munir Mengal, The president of Baloch Voice Association and the co-organiser of the conference, presented a brief account of the Human Rights issues of the Baloch People. "The Pakistani forces military operations in Balochistan, subjgation, supression and systematic enforced disappearence of the Baloch people give a very alarming sign that the state has opted a policy of slow genocide of the Baloch people."
"The Pakistani state has not taken any step to secure the lives of Baloch Missing persons, infact the number of Missing persons has gradually increased to more then 20,000 reported by different media reports and human rights organizations working inside Balochistan. United Nations Organization and it's bodies shall take practicle steps to secure the lives of thousands of Baloch missing persons." Munir Mengal appealed.
"The will of the Baloch people resisting against enforced occupation and trying to protect their identity and to regain their sovernigty on their land gives a clear message that drawing artificial boundries is worse form of colonization and is unacceptble to any body at any part of the world." Munir Mengal concluded.IMG_3074
Mehrab Sarjove, A Baloch analyst, writer, and a blogger presented a research paper about the Geostratic strategies and ambitions of both the Pakistani and of the Iranian Governments towards the Baloch Land and resources. "The current Pak China Economic corridor agreement signed is an agreement of expansionism and a design to gain more strategic and naval depth inside the region. That is a clear violation of the fundament rights of the local people and poses a risk to the regional and international peace and security."
"Unfortunately, both the states are religious cantonments despite of being welfare states. The mentioned states despite of giving peace and security to their people serve them with the threat. The Iranian Shiett regime neither has any moral values nor allows the Baloch people to adopt and exhibit their Balochi cultural, and cultural values." Mr. Sarjove stated.
Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri, a well known Kashmiri people political leader and general secretary of the United Kashmiri People Alliance. Who is known as a vocal voice for raising the human rights issues not only of the Kashmiri people, but also for the South Asian people, for his bold and loud standings.
Munir Mengal Thanked Shaukat Ali Kashmiri for his moral support to the Baloch People Voices.